Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 13: A photo that makes me laugh

Oh if i would have only known what this grumpy face was a preview of! lol

Kinsley is in the terrible twos at 16months (we're over acheivers, remember?!?). She is VERY independent. She doesn't SAY "I do it!" yet, she just swats my hand away from helping. Or she will fall into a little ball and cry until i go away and let her do it alone... like walk on the side walk.

She has decided that we're going to start potty training (AT 16 MONTHS!) because she walks around pulling down her pants and sitting on the potty with her diaper on... so i bought a musical princess potty (***sound of head hitting desk out of aww that i bought a potty that plays music when my child pees in it***) yes it's true, i did. You will too, anything to make them want to potty in a potty. wow.

Kinsley also likes to look at you (so you know she heard you) and then run away from you, while doing what she isn't supposed to do, WHILE still looking at you (so you know she just doesn't want to listen). I then put on my big girl pants and hollar "Kinsley Grace!" (i knew i gave her a middle name for a reason!), to which MOST of the time she will stop and then part of the time listen.

Kinsley's daycare is having Spirit Week this week. You know, since they have a homecoming game, wait no they don't... okay i don't know WHY they are having this Spirit Week, they don't even have a flipping mascot there, but we as good parents are required to have our child participate, even though they have no idea what is going on. Today is my favorite day... Mismatched clothes day. I'll try to get a picture if she's still wearing it but Kinsley was in a stripped green and white babydoll shirt, pink layered tutu skirt, aqua capris, orange/red socks, hot pink shoes, and a zebra print bow. WIN!

I have a lot to do this week. Easter is coming and so is my family. I have to finish recovering my dinning room chairs, plant flowers in my yard, put laundry away, take care of Kinsley and take her to a follow up dr. apt. make dinner and work full time. clean my house and make easter eggs and easter cookies. oh and be happy about it! yeaa.....

I worked out today! I didn't want to, i wasn't going to, and it was only for 20 mins... but I worked out today!

Now i'm going to go and look at that photo above again and laugh, because i think i just realized where my daughter gets that look from, SO HER FATHER! lol ;)

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