Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 7: Favorite Book

Well if you're a reader you know that it's IMPOSSIBLE to have just one favorite book. But i will tell you that i'm not the type of reader who will (intentionally) read a book more than once. I start reading it and just can't finish it because there are so many other books out there that i want to read that i can't bring myself to read the same one twice. Now the same story told a million way, yes, i can do THAT. Oh and i can watch a movie a million times... but i digress... BOOKS!

I normally read a lot of Historical Christian Romance.

I was a History major so any good historical fiction and i'm in.

I'm a girl, so i love romance

I don't need details, just let the girl get all 3rd grade giddy about the boy and i swoon, so christian love is deep enough for me!

But really i do LOVE all types of book (i just get the above for free from the Momma).

Twilight series (original i know)

Lovely Bones

Yaya Sisterhood

Harry Potter (man i love me some youth sections)

Nanny Diaries

Devil Wears Prada (look i read ALL of these books before the movies started coming out... well not the Harry Potter ones but other then that, true statement)

Oh the book that changed my life? Number the Stars. It's about the holocaust and we had to read it in the 4th grade and THAT is when i became obsessed with History and i couldn't read enough about WWII and the Holocaust.

So have any you can recommend to me???

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