Friday, April 22, 2011

My chiild is posessed, i would like a new one please

I'm pretty sure at some point last night i went into Kinsley's room in the middle of her crying (AGAIN) and her head was spinning backwards and green vomit was being spueed all over her room, yet this morning when i drug myself out of bed while using toothpicks to prop up my eyelids got myself ready I looked at her sleeping peacefully IN MY BED and there was no green vomit in site and her head was facing the correct way.

Kinsley has woken up EVERY.NIGHT.THIS.WEEK! And when i say woken up, I mean she has cried until we come and get OUT of HER bed and put her in OUR bed, and then she STILL wakes up crying. Yea...

It's killing me. Not to mention that last night i decided to finally do something about our Burn pile front yard, oh and I need to finish recovering the chairs so we'll have somewhere to eat Easter Dinner, Oh and I need to clean the house and do laundry, and work full time, and dye my hair, and workout and eat right and LOOSE MY MIND... and i'm sick from allergies.

Yeah I think the universe just took a big crap on my head. And it STINKS!

I DID get the yard mostly done. The hubs (amazing man that he is) picked up downstairs and put away all of the laundry except for mine. I plan on putting my parents to work when they get here helping me with the chairs, because that's WHY God gave us family, right? I figure the hard manual labor of yardwork was a workout, and eating right will just have to be eating less because i can't cook a "balanced" meal right now.

So it's all going to get done, But my child is STILL turning into a demon as soon as the lights go out. She doesn't have an ear infection (we had that checked out) i THOUGHT all of her teeth were already in... i dont know really because everytime i try to look she gets all Linda Blair on me and starts speaking tongues.

BUT as soon as she goes to daycare it's all rainbows and unicorns up her....

This week at daycare it's "spirit week"... yea
this is mix-match day

This is I really am Linda Blair crazy hair day

God i love her but dagummit i'm tired!

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