Friday, May 8, 2009

Alright my little menions!

Lets talk DAYCARE! I know i know thrilling! It doesn't get much better then seeing where your little one will poop, pee, spit up and sleep while you busy "working" away. No no in all honesty we really did like the place. It's in our little town, so nice and close for both of us. It's been around FOREVER and comes very highly recommended by MANY. Plus the teachers have been there for like 15 years and have masters in education! I mean what kind of places has these kind of credentials. I feel like i'm in a movie where i'm trying to get my kid into one of those preschools where they wear little blazers and speak french. I mean they don't teach French at this school and they don't wear little infant blazers but COME ON the teachers have MASTERS degrees! One of them is a former engineer!

So yes we love love love it, they are going to teach our child to be smart like it's Daddy!

The cons: some of the play toys etc are a little old. Not like cracks and sharp edges are going to attack my child while they're playing with syringes on the playground old... but you know looks like it could use a little pick me up... mostly the outside toys. But it's all VERY clean so not a big deal. I think Chris and i were expecting to walk in and just see BRIGHT lights and Bells and Whistles, etc. Like the angles would come out of the sky and help our little one to toddle across the grass. Eh no such luck on that one but you know it was still really nice.

We're going to keep looking at places but that one is a favorite b/c i feel uber comfortable there!

So lets talk cost. Are you ready for this... this one is on the lower end of daycare centers at a mere $260 a week. Oh yes that means in a 4 week month we will pay over $1000! AND that's LOW for here! I mean i can find some in-homes that are a little closer to $200 a week but i don't know... i still sort of get nervous about in-homes. Not that aren't any good ones out there but I personally don't know these people. Like my friend sent her daughter to an in-home but she KNOWS the woman. Uh so if you want to make some money then move up here and take care of my babylove!

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