Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nothing Funny about this one

This one is simply magical. At least for Chris and I. Yesterday was our first doctor appointment and we got to have our first sonogram! It was just breath taking to get to see our little one up on the screen. (I WASN'T IMAGINING IT!) He (or she) was quite the active one kicking his little nubs (b/c they Technically don't have feet or hands fully yet). But man he's got some spunk b/c he was just kicking away! He is good and healthy with 170 heart beats a minute (i'm told that's great!) and he's measuring right on time with a December 8th due date! YEA! Chris and i just thought this was the neatest experience and can't wait to see him again!

And now,

Introducing.... Buddy!

Sorry if the picture isn't the best quality, i did my best, BUT you can see his little Head on the left and then his body with little arm and leg buds coming off of him! SO cute! It's really just the most amazing thought and feeling that THAT little guy is in my right now... MOVING! Simply incredible!

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