Thursday, May 7, 2009


No it's not as glamorous as the title might lead you to believe and it's not my boobs (even though i feel like two bowling balls have landed on my chest and unless i'm wearing a bra AT ALL TIMES they are trying to rip my skin my from body... but what's new)... it's this thing call insomnia! Oh yes this is PERFECTLY normal for pregnant women apparently. Yes while that baby is cooking away in you and draining every ounce of energy that you could possibly have to the point where your driving home from work literally HOLDING your eye lids up and call people to keep you awake, you get home lay down and NOTHING! OKay that's a lie, i do fall asleep, but then Baby wants to pee (don't worry you'll only have to pee like 4-10 times at night!) so i get up, try to keep my eyes closed, don't turn on ANY lights... pee, go back to bed, and lay there. Try another position, and lay there. Put on my sleeping mask to keep out the light of the cable box, and lay there. Oh yea and you KNOW Babylove is in there just giggling away because he/she can sleep ALL day while i'm propping open my eye lids at work.

From what i've heard is little things like this is your body's way of preparing you for when baby comes and it only gets worse in the third tri. Apparently nature wants to make sure you can function off no sleep before you have to care for a life. To nature i say "WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU THINKING!!!". I should be sleeping and building up reserves! If NATURE had it right we would be like chipmunks with our sleep. They can store all this food in their little cheeks for later, so why can't i store sleep for later? Mother nature has got it ALL wrong, man I could really teach her a thing or two!

Other then that i'm feeling great! I really am, Babylove is being kind to me in many areas.... so here's this weeks stats:
How far along? 9 Weeks  days

Total weight gain/loss: +2

Maternity Clothes? Pants mostly

Stretch Marks? nothing yet

Sleep? Ha, see above

Best moment this week: See Babylove in the first ultrasound! Simply amazing!

Movement? way to early for any of that

Food Cravings: Watermelon, burgers, pasta

Gender: Still going with a boy, even though i'm being more cautious in case it's a girl

Labor Signs: I hope not!

Belly Button in or out? In

What I miss: my memory!

What I am looking forward to: Mothers Day... not REALLY celebrating for me... but just knowing i have a little Love in me is special enough

Weekly Wisdom: Think twice about baby "projects". I'm making Babylove a blanket and a christmas stocking... now i realize i will have to do this for the next kid with A LOT less time... hmmm i'm understanding why the 2nd child gets a little less attention. lol
Milestones: Babylove's nubs were kicking away in the ultrasound.... amazing!

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