Monday, May 4, 2009

Will someone PLEASE teach this kid about Rules!

Okay so we're almost 9 weeks and this child has my fingers swelling ALREADY! This is NOT supposed to happen this soon! What is he thinking?!?! Yeah... so i had to go out and buy a $10 wedding band type ring at Kohls this weekend because, much to this child dismay, i will NOT be that big waddling pregnant woman walking down the isle at Target getting all the old Betty's shaking their heads at "yet another unwed mother"... not that there's anything wrong with it... lets just say i'm paranoid. But you know what Buddy did today??? Let me THINK i could wear my ring this morning... and now it WON'T COME OFF! I mean this kid is just playing games with me now... i picture him in my belly just drumming his fingers together giggle thinking "Now what can i do TODAY that will throw her off". Yep definately MY child.

Speaking of Picture.... we're going to get one this afternoon! It's out first appointment and we're going to have an ultrasound so YEA! more updates tomorrow!

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