Tuesday, May 26, 2009

WAS going to wait but What the heck

i need to vent! Okay so most people are like "How are you feeling", blah blah blah... but they don't REALLY care... i mean do they REALLY want me to be honest with them??? I think not because IF i were honest right now it would go something like this...

Well, honestly, i feel like a crazy woman whose about to snap and kill you all. I can't remember the last time i got a decent night of sleep, my uterus has been stretching ALL weekend while giving me lightening crotch*, in addition to already having lightening boobs*. I'm either constantly hungry or so full i can't function (no there's no inbetween) and i'm in a constant state of worry on how in the freaking world we're going to afford all of this baby stuff!

* Lightening crotch/boob is where you get the shooting stinging pains passing through (you guessed it) your crotch or boob. VERY uncomfortable and makes you want to grab the place that's hurting immediately... not always the BEST idea depending on where you are. Example: Crotch grabbing while on isle 5 at Target... boob grabbing while speaking to your boss...

So yes, i feel great (if you don't count all that other stuff) as long as you get me after a nap!

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