Thursday, May 28, 2009

Babylove is getting BIG!

The first (if you couldn't tell) is a profile shot of our little ones full body. You can see the whole body and the leg (that looks like it's floating unattached, but i assure you it IS attached, he/she's just turned so it looks funny). The second one is the head and shoulder and the baby is bending its' little arm to scratch its face! AWWW! I just loved the little arm and hand shot so they printed that for me too!

Other then growing RIGHT ON SCHEDULE (Those burgers are working!) everything else looks really healthy and perfect too! Chris and i were wildly excited because now our baby looks like a BABY! Chris even told ME that I did a good job! lol! He's so excited! YEA!

Lots of hugs for Babylove!

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