Thursday, May 21, 2009

A new outlook for baby showers!

So i started freaking out a bit because you know what, babies need A LOT of crap! I'm not kidding, and it's NOT cheap. So i decided i was going to be ahead of the game and create a spreadsheet with everything we're going to need. Then i'll go through and pick out the model of that item that i want (ex. we need a car seat and i want to get the Greco... blah blah blah one)... then my over achiever self took it one stop further and compared the priced between the two places we're registering so that i can register for the cheaper one AND make sure i'm not double registering at the same time. Smart right? WRONG! DON'T DO IT! You know what it's going to do to you????

1. Remind you of all the stuff you need
2. Remind you how expensive it all is
3. Remind you that you are all alone (okay that's an exaggeration) in this place called the north and there's only going to be like 10 people at your baby shower that will most likely only buy you clothes! I'm freaking out!

So here's what i think people should do (and i'm wishing i would have done for previous parents). If you can spend $20 then that's GREAT! It really means a lot that you want to spend ANYTHING and if all the cheap stuff is off the registry then please please please just give us a gift card! Because think about it... if i have to buy a $129 car seat but i get two gift cards then it only cost me $90! That's GREAT!

But don't worry people i'm not a snob, there's a great thrift store that i'm sure i can get a great used car seat for babylove (KIDDING!!! THAT's SOOOO unsafe).

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