Thursday, May 21, 2009

I mean is this kid for real???

So i've joked that this lovely child of mine enjoyed trying out all of the "symptoms" of pregnancy until he/she found it's favorite one (fatigue and boobie aches)... and i have a theory about the ones that he picked, it's mostly the only ones that he/she could have picked that won't effect him (the baby)... i still can feed the baby (good for hungry tummies) i can still walk without swollen ankles (as of now) good for restless and bord children... etc. Well turns out baby wasn't done trying out the symptoms yet. OOOH NO! that wouldn't be any fun would it??

On to the possible kidney stones! YEA!! Yeah so lets see i think it was Monday night i started feel uncomfortable trying to sleep, couldn't find a position that didn't hurt. Yeah i was in pain (does this kid care? No b/c he/she's going to force itself like an alien out of a very small hole that i'm still not convinced it should be coming out of). The pain is in my back kind of right below the ribcage and comes and goes and when it comes i have to stop moving because it hurts so bad. Literally spent ALL DAY Tuesday in bed, didn't even feel like hanging out on the couch. So i started chugging water (heard this helps) and by Wed mid morning it was gone! YES GREAT! NOT! Wait what? NOT?? Yeah not... it's back this morning... but don't worry my child is just making sure the right side doesn't feel left out, yea same thing different side... excuse me while i go and chug water.

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  1. Seriously kidney stones?? this kid is giving you hell! Kidney stones are PAINFUL (from what I've heard). One woman told me that passing stones is worse than childbirth.

    Soo, if you can pass the stone, you'll be home free with Babylove!

    I can see you now "Bring it on labor! I've had KIDNEY STONES!!!" haha :)