Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Featuring my only male reader!

Yes ladies and gentleman it is true, i have a male reader! And apparently he is quite the avid reader! To ALL the blogs! While at a memorial day party i found out this bit of tasty information and decided that i would feature his amazingness on here! Ladies i present to you Paul!


Now i know what you may be thinking ladies, with that fine Mohawk that turns into a mullet, not to mention the porn stash, but yes it's true he IS single for the taking! So if you're interested you just let me know!

Now i wouldn't leave Paul hanging like that, even though that picture is extremely priceless! Here's the Paul that we're all know and love:

(on the left)... oh wait, gezzz Paul there's even a hint of a porn stash there! What is with that... trying again...

Alright there we go, chillin with the homies!

And there you have it ladies... if you ever thought that men weren't interested in what we have to say... now you know... Paul cares! (and for all those wondering who that fan hunk of manhood is next to me and then Paul... that would be my tasty husband! My Babylove Daddy!

1 comment:

  1. Oh my gosh! Check out Paul! What a hoot! We miss all of you guys! Congrats on the 12 week mark!