Friday, May 15, 2009

Now HOW DOES the baby fit into my semi flat stomach?

It stretches... yeah thats what i thought. ummm hmmm. So for those of you wondering what this feels like, it feels like you've done a thousand crunches and it's the next day. But instead of a tight mid-section you get a rounder belly. Cruel joke, yes i think so. Don't worry it doesn't hurt like that ALL the time, just when you're trying to relax, like laying on the couch trying to catch up on the last episode of LOST, yes that's when it decides to make it so no matter how you lay you feel like your stomach is about to leap off your body and going running down the block never to be seen again... which i think is a pretty good picture for what IS happening... I mean my stomach as i know it will NEVER be the same. Even if i can get it flat again it might have a "love mark" (stretch mark) on it, etc.

Oh and here's another big thanks to my body, ha! So i used to be a pretty skinny girl, then i became curvy. I mean still slim, i had a pretty flat stomach just curvy hips and more boobs then i needed, and yes i know Baby's got back.... ANYWAY... when you get pregnant you will notice CURVES CURVES CURVES. My previous curves have got NOTHING on these babies! I guess that's what all those old Betties call "birthing hips" because people let me tell you, i've got room to "birth". You can still see right below the boobs and right above the "hips" where i'm reasonably small (no not America's next top model small, lets not kid ourselves) but then BA BAM! the hips are here (we won't even talk about the mountains that are currently hovering to the north). So be prepare for that pulled muscle feel, and pain in your pelvis... it's not always constipation... sometimes it's just growing!

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