Thursday, May 28, 2009

Am i the luckiest Girl in the World? Yes i think so!

Last night i was talking to my brother (who is over the moon happy about becoming an Uncle) and he wanted to know when Lamaze classes started (he's very new to the whole baby world) and i explained that wasn't until much later but we did start our registries for everything that isn't gender related. He asked where and i explained the two places and why... so he starts looking at them and ask when can he buy the stuff. I said it's all up for grabs now (if it's on there) but PLEASE don't buy a lot b/c i know he's still paying off Major Law School Loans. Yeah so this morning i go look b/c i couldn't help myself and do you know what he got?

my play yard AND my car seat!

He's out of control, he really is but i can't help but think back to our childhood. When we were little (like Elementary school) he got a leading part in a local college's musical and got paid for it. Do you know what he did with part of his money? Bought be a bunch of Trolls a house for them and furniture (hey i KNOW You remember how cool they used to be)! He did that for me just because he's the best big brother ever. He also used to switch TV dinners with me if i liked his choice more, etc. He has always taken care of me and he still is!

So now he's not just taking care of me but also Babylove! I just feel God has beyond blessed me!

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