Friday, September 4, 2009

i know i know

You're all like GEZZ Erin you sure are talking a lot... i don't come here everyday to hear you rant about things i could careless i about... i come for the pictures! They make me feel good about myself... make me feel skinny and light! Well if that's what you REALLY are thinking i have a few words for you but i can't post them on here because my mom might be reading them and would be very disappointed that her darlin sweet southern bell of a daughter is a closet sailor... i mean I'm NOT Mom, i promise it just that sometimes people are asking for it!

Okay anyway... to appease all of you SKINNY people here's your photo update...

and this is what you see when i'm coming for ya!

and this is what i see when i'm disciplining my fetus...

yeah you see it too don't you... she LOVES my left side! And that's where your stomach is, which explains why i NEED tums like a addict needs crack! Not to mention she LOVES stretching her way up into my left rib cage and kicks me when i try to push her back down to where she belongs... oh children, always with a mind of their own, pushing their limits!

So NOW do you feel better? And Do you feel all Skinny and Hot again??? GREAT! WONDERFUL! But you have to admit i'm having a bitchin good hair day! SWEET pregnancy hormones for that!

Happy Friday!

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  1. cute pics! and awesome hair! miss ya!