Monday, September 28, 2009

I think i might try natural!

Natural birth! What do you think??? Hahaha... yeah most likely not, even though i think Chris IS pushing for that now.... see we had out childcare/birth class this weekend. We learned A LOT about birth, etc. We learned about breathing and relaxing, etc. Chris thinks he's a pro now (and actually he is pretty good at it!)... i have to say he's getting really talented at the soothing back rubs! Plus we found out that once i get my epidural that i'm bed ridden for the rest of the time! AND there's a chance it won't work or it won't work in spots! So yeah i'm not so down with that! I mean i know odds are it'll be fine but BED RIDDEN! No thanks! So we're going to tough out labor until i have to have the epi b/c they'll give it to you at any time. I want to be able to walk, stand, roll on my labor ball (oh yea we're getting one), take relaxing baths or showers! You can't do ANY of this if you've had an epi! And labor COULD slow down with an epi! I mean it can slow down if i'm not relaxed enough too... so enter Chris. (ya'll are going to LOVE this)

So we're practicing breathing and focusing, etc. During this time Chris is supposed to coach my breathing and help me to remember to relax whatever i'm tensing. We'll Chris was messing up my breathing counts (we're going to have to work on that) b/c i think he thought he was funny... AND instead of checking my hands, feet, shoulders, etc for tension he just kept blurting out DON'T KEGAL! Now yes he is supposed to remind not to kegal b/c that would keep my cervix closed but every 10 seconds?!?!? Umm not so much! But this was his favorite part! Not surprised!

But after learning all of this we both feel more ready for birth and kinda excited to put our new tools to the test!

Now the "baby" part of the class where we learned about soothing and swaddling, etc. Chris is quite the pro. He could swaddle from the first try and has the perfect football hold and baby jiggle down! He's going to be such a great daddy!

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