Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So you know i'm pregnant and all right?

I know NEWS FLASH! Anyway i have an ups and downs post!

Lets start with the downs... that actually i'm not complaining about (yet) because i found it so cool and strangely amazing! I had my first Braxton hicks contraction this weekend! YEA! Right on schedule... i'm not complaining b/c it wasn't too bad (yet) and i was so in awe that it happened! It went down like this....

So i'm in NC hanging with the family and we decide to go on a walk... around their neighborhood it's a mile circle... perfect for a walk (even though Sadie my lab wouldn't agree, i think she would want it shorter, considering at the half way point she started to lay down then walk, lay down then walk, lol). So right after the halfway point i feel like Kinsley is trying to do a daring escape from my lower belly, right above my lady bits... it was A LOT of pressure... then everything gets tight and full of pressure (not time to push pressure, but just like WHOA my belly all of a sudden weights a lot.. to the point where i had to stop walking for a minute until it went away... and then it was like nothing happened and on my merry way i went... CRAZY! This little chick is getting my body ready to push her ginormous body out... she better practice a lot more!

Here's the REALLY cool thing about being pregnant... expectant mothers parking! YES! I KNOW! It's almost WORTH being pregnant to just to get to park that close ALL the time (except when stupid Baby stores only have like 2 spots... HELLO BABY STORE... there MIGHT be pregnant women or MOMs coming to you!)...And let me tell you this is SUCH a treat! I went to Best Buy the other day AFTER work and was just so tired but HAD to stop to get a camera bag for the new Camcorder my parents bought us. So i'm driving up.... noticing that for some reason at 4pm on a friday afternoon everyone and their mother needs something from there too... until i see it! ***enter angelic harps*** THE SPOT... Saved for ME (well me and other expectant women/Mom's) Right at the FRONT! I would only have to waddle across the little road and i'm in the store! Sweet mother of Jesus, Mary knew i needed it!

Now i was relaying this story to MY mother and she commented that they didn't have these wonderous spots when she was pregnant and she had to walk and it was good for her! And i said "Great i'm glad you had to walk... don't be jealous that i don't have to!" And then she explained to me that for all of the walking she had to do then she was going to park in all of those spaces now with her belly poking out... riiight...

So if you see a middle aged woman parking in that spot and arching her back while trying to poke out her stomach... call the cops and have her car towed... it's my mother and she's just being viscous!

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