Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Recap....

Well it was a great day thanks to all my family and friends. Started with the traditional early morning phone call from mom. (well really Chris was the first to say Happy Birthday). Got to work and my co-worker brought me a balloon, a funny card, and a STARBUCKS gift card! YES! And two other co-workers got me cards. Today my work is taking me out for lunch. Last night Chris made me oh so yummy burgers on the grill! and i called my dad to remind him to tell me happy birthday!

But there are 2 "gifts" that i will forever remember. The first is from Chris... he gave me a card from him, one from Stella, one from Sadie, and one from Kinsley! He's so cute and thoughtful! Each card fit their personalities to a T!

The other gift i noticed this morning... From Kinsley.... STRETCH MARKS!!!! Yeah they are here! Those little f-ers arrived! So ALL those people who said "their genetic" LIE!!!! My mom didn't have them and I DO!!! Now MANY women love their "gifts" from their baby but i'm having a really hard time with it. I already have stretch marks on my thighs from soccer, on my boobs from their GREAT awakening, and NOW on my belly! It's tough because i never liked my other stretch marks... hate is a pretty accurate word... so it's hard to love the same thing for a different reason.

So thanks Kinsley for loving your mommy SOOOO much that you gave her stretch marks for her birthday.... wonderful! LOVE YOU TOO!

And here's what i look like at 30weeks, the day after my 27th birthday...

And for all of you FUNNY people who are all like "HAHA what are you smuggling under there? A basketball? haha" umm NO i'm not here's the proof

And for all of you critics out there, that thing hanging off the front of me is hard as a rock!

I tried to take a picture of the stretch marks for your viewing pleasure BUT i couldn't get a good shot... DARN! Don't worry i'm sure they'll make friends and start a real ragger on my belly and i'll happily gross you out with those later!

So here's to ME being 30 wks and Kinsley being AT LEAST 32!

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