Wednesday, September 2, 2009

All is now right with the world!

So yesterday i really thought i was on the verge of a mental break down. Work was BEYOND crazy, won't even get into that... I'm stressing myself out about baby stuff, house stuff... general Nesting i think has set in... i'm tired all the time and i was just physically and emotionally about to check out...

BUT THEN... enter my wonderful husband. So i often like to compare men to the canine community because they have many similarities. As long as they get fed and "played" with they are happy... give them a little extra scratch and they are over the moon with you. They are generally happy and oblivious to bad things. Well Chris is all these things... almost too laid back for me... so i like to start giving him heads up when i feel like i'm hitting bottom... I'll call: "Hey, bad day... I need comfort food, how about Five Guys"... He gets home "Honey i can't think straight, why can't i just have a nice HOT bath and wine?"  To this he takes his cues well... and tells me to get into a warm bath, read a book and he'll make dinner. Ahhhh

So i soak, get a fun call from my best friend, come down stairs to a not made by me dinner, and THEN i get to sleep... and God was on my side last night... i woke up maybe twice BUT only ONCE yes ladies ONCE to pee!!!! Oh i had such a wonderful night! THEN the CEOs at Starbucks decided to take pitty on me too and are now selling their Pumpkin Spice Lattes!!!! OH SWEET HEAVEN FROM ABOVE! I'm in a happy relaxed coma right now! And if anyone tries to disrupt my zen then i will be forced to stab you with my letter opener.

Have a great day!

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