Monday, September 21, 2009

Dear Kinsley

Dear Kinsley,

I love feeling you move everyday. You're such a special part of Mommy and Daddy's life already. We've almost finished decorating your room for your arrival... we just need a few more touches that we'll hopefully receive at the baby showers.

We talk to you everyday and i think you hear us because you move and kick and wiggle! It's so special to feel you and to know that you're such a happy and healthy baby already! This journey with you has been very magical and amazing. I can't believe God has blessed your Daddy and i with such an amazing gift. But don't get any ideas, you need to stay put for AT LEAST 6 or 7 more weeks... then if you REALLY need to come out to see everyone i know you'll be okay. I just want the best for you baby girl. I want the best church to help you grow morally and emotionally strong. I want the best daycare and school for you to help take you to places that i've never been. I want to teach you how to be grounded and giving and not put all your happiness into things and money. But i do want your Daddy to teach you how to take care of what you do have. Your Daddy and i pray for you every day and i think God is hearing our prayers since you're growing so big and healthy!

There's only one tiny little favor baby girl that i have to ask of you... well maybe two... First could you maybe give my ribs a break... and i don't mean to break them... maybe stop kicking them so they don't hurt all the time. I know I don't give you a lot of room in there since i have such a short torso and i'm sorry about that, but i promise you're really not going to make any more room for yourself by kicking my ribs out of the way... and i can't sit back to give you more room since you've decided to use my tail bone as a punching bag... now while i'm not BLAMING you... it might benefit us both if you would think about these things.

Now for the second favor... could you time it so that your first really bad blow out poop diaper happens on your Daddy's shift... i think he would think it's funny!

K thanks!

I love you more then i can put into words and i can't wait to meet and snuggle you.

Love you Kinsley Grace,


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  1. This was really sweet! And funny too. :-)