Thursday, September 17, 2009

Nursery update!!!

So her Knobs came!!! Chris hasn't seen them so i can't tell you his thoughts... see we made a deal about them. I REALLY wanted PINK curtains and chris didn't b/c he was worried that people would see pink from the street. Well i made a deal that we could have white curtains IF i could have the dresser knobs... and he agreed... well he didn't say no and he smiled and we've talked about White Curtains so in my mind that's agreeing... even though i'm sure when he sees them he won't agree, but whatever they are AWESOME! I'm SOOOO happy with them! just look at her room (keep in mind we need to put up curtains, a ceiling fan, and maternity photos... also the stuff on the shelves is just there for the time being... not staying mostly).


i got a neutral glider for lasting purposes, i'll throw the blanket i'm cross stitching over it to help it "blend"


Just waiting on the sheets to be delivered... Target is VERY VERY slow!


Please excuse the fan and tools... like i said still waiting to go up... also the lamp... i can't not find a lamp shade that i like for it (that's the original) got any ideas???


Everything from the Hat to the right we're not sure where it will go... shoes in the closet, handprint on the christmas tree when she's born... crosses we're not sure yet so they are just there.... oh and here's the close up of the knobs!!!!


I'm soooo in love with them! they just make the dresser so much FUN!

Now here is my other favorite part of my daughter to be.... her BUTT COVERS! You already saw the Wolfpack one but look at the others too! She's is going to be TOOO cute!


The Santa one if from BuybuyBaby and the others are from 2 different sellers on etsy. Just love them!

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