Thursday, September 3, 2009

I KNOW how far along i am and i KNOW how far i have to go

So shut up already! Seriously if i hear one more time that "you still have a ways to go" i'm going to seriously decapitate  that person. I GET that you are now a Mommy and have had your child so you've experienced it all... BUT THIS IS A FIRST FOR ME! So when i "complain" or comment or something about my pregnancy DO NOT tell me i have a ways to go. I get it... i'm 27 weeks... do the math i have 13ish weeks to go (until the typical 40). I GET IT... but Guess what all knower of everything... 27 is more then 13 so i'm over half way, i have less then 100 days to go so back off my Sh#t!!!.

Now that THAT is taken care of... we had yet another clothing fail this morning... you THINK you can save your cardigans to where over a maternity top or tank... but guess what... you can't. It just ends up looking like you're trying to steal a watermelon or wrestle a hippo into your skinny jeans... it's all buttons puckering and the back of the sweater is all crop style... now while i know the crop sweaters are sort of still in... skin tight ones that look like the buttons are about to become weapons are NOT...

Lastly in the post i would like to take a minute (to sit right there and i'll tell ya how i became the prince of a town called Bel air.... sorry couldn't help myself) to take my amazing family and friends that 1. listen to me 2. help me and support me! I know you're all ready for this baby to come out so we can discussed poop exploding diapers, rather then my poop exploding incidents... but i thank you for hanging in there! I love you and i can't wait for all of you to Aunts, Uncles, Gunkles (private joke), Grandmas, and grandpas. Thanks!

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