Tuesday, September 22, 2009

29 Weeks

So i don't have a fruit or veggie for you b/c well my daughter has decided to leave the "norm" and grow at her own pace which is FAST!

She just had another growth spurt, i always get shocked into these and then realize later... OH THAT'S what that was... see i had been feeling very BIG lately, sore everywhere, stretched our and Kinsley was having a hard time finding room. Well today i'm almost back to feeling as normal as one can at this point and i realized it's most likely b/c this "little" girl was having a growth spurt! DUH! this happens about once a month or every 3 weeks... i just forget in time for the next one to come and knock me over like a bad hangover. So there you have it... our next ultra sound on October 5th should be interesting.

So as we're getting to the final two months and are only 77 days away (IF she's on time... yeah right) we have a PACKED schedule! Yeah you get introduced to the busy life of a baby BEFORE the baby even arrives. Here's what i've got scheduled....

9/25 Chris's parents come for dinner and Chris and his dad hang the ceiling fan in the nursery while his mom and i go and get the curtians for the nursery.

9/26-27 our child care class! 10am-5pm!

9/29 first of my bi-monthly ob appointments

9/30 meet our first pediatrician

10/5 Ultrasound

10/9-10/11 Good Friends are getting married

10/13 next Ob appointment

10/17 Pumpkin picking (got to get one for Kinsley this year!) and Friend's BBQ

10/20 Meet another pediatrician

10/21 Our 3 year wedding anniversary

10/23 pick up my mom from the airport! YEA!

10/24 Breast Feeding class 9-1130
10/24 baby shower!

10/27 another ob appointment

11/3 Meet another pediatrician

11/4 Ultrasound!

11/8 hospital tour!

11/10 another ob and then i think i go WEEKLY!

yeah this is only the beginning of the schedule... stuff gets added in daily... this doesn't even include normal stuff like people's birthdays, work stuff, church stuff, etc! I would like to complain about it but honestly... I LOVE IT! Every appointment is another step towards getting to see my sweet Kinsley and i can't wait!

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