Thursday, September 17, 2009

Stop it people SERIOUSLY STOP! IT!

When you ask how i am and i say "good but Kinsley is seriously hurting my ribs, i even have to take pain medicine for it" that is NOT your que to say

1. That's so cute
2. Oh just wait you still have a few months, wait until she's really big

It is NOT cute when this child is trying to crack my ribs... i was almost in tears last night! Is it cute when she kicks around or moves or hiccups or dances? YES Is it cute when she pushes her foot so far up in my ribs that i can make out a foot? NO

Oh and PS I think i know how much longer i have to go... i have these great things called a calendar and a doctor that tell me amazing information like that! So yes i know she still has 12ish weeks of "baking" to do and yes i KNOW that means she will be getting bigger... but guess what.... That doesn't STOP it from hurting like oh holy hell now!!!!

So when a pregnant woman actually tells you how she feels sympathize! SYMPATHIZE! Got it? Don't say something "cute" or "funny" b/c guess what... she doesn't think you're cute or funny... she just wants to take a letter opener to your head!

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