Monday, September 14, 2009

Hicks of all kinds

And no i'm not talking about my beloved North Carolina (even though i could if you wanted, i could go on for hours how i went to buy a beer for my darlin husband with a GIANT belly and no one even batted an eye at me....). I'm actually talking about hiccups and Braxton Hicks. Both were plentiful at my house this weekend.

Yeah so that cute little Braxton Hick contraction that i was so excited about at my parents house apparently has friends. But i've noticed those friends like to come around when i've busy... not when i'm Busy being lazy~ So maybe that's a hint for me! STAY ON THE COUCH AT ALL COST! Yeah right, like Chris would approve of that! oh well... for now i just stop what i'm doing, hold the belly (because it feels like Kinsley is trying to escape and i have to hold her in) and breath for a few seconds and then i'm fine.

Now as for hiccups... they are REALLY fun! seriously.... it's like a repetitive poke poke poke poke poke poke.... it's so funny... it's almost like she taping me to tell me something! Maybe that she can't wait to see her room that her Daddy and i have been working on so hard? Really she's a cute mess and i love feeling her in there... the problem is my child doesn't "swim" like some babies do... no no mine keeps her big ole head position right IN my pelvis so by the end of the day i feel like i'm being ripped in two and then she likes to beat me with her fist and kick my left ribs like they are soccer balls. BUT the hiccups are fun because they don't cause any pain... it almost tickles!

So today i go to the doctor for my Glucose Test. This is where i have to stop eating like at least 2 hours before hand (they tell you that you don't BUT everyone who doesn't FAILS! and has to do the 3 hour test, so i'm just trying to better my odds)... then you go in and drink a delishious warm, flat orange soda type mixture (i've also heard it compared to Tang... you remember that drink right? it's orange powder they put into water... except the people mixing this drink put too much Tang and not enough water). You must drink all like 12oz or something in 5 minutes (it's cool i went to college and drank worse... we'll just pretend i'm at City Limits again). THEN (this is sooo anti-climatic) you sit and wait for an hour! yeah just sit there... fun i know... then they take your blood and find out if you pass or fail. If you pass you better thank God because if you fail you GET TO DO IT AGAIN! YES! but this time you get to wait for 3, yes THREE hours before you blood is drawn.... now you're thinking in your rational "I'm not pregnant" head big deal... umm it IS a HUGE deal... i eat SOMETHING like every hour and a half to two hours (whether it's a piece of fruit, a glass of milk, an entire cake... whatever you know)... so dealing with the first test is bad enough... to have to go through the second one! UH might as well just starve my child! Oh and what happens if you fail the 3 hour test? Well then you might have Gestational Diabetes and you'll have to check your sugar level multiple times a day, go on a strict diet (yeah not even fruit, or very little), and ***GASP*** exercise more! So please send your happy Glucose tests thoughts my way... i really don't want to deal with this!


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