Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Guess what i'm NOT huge, i'm...

Healthy and PREGNANT! Yes I KNOW my child is measuring ahead by a lot and it's making me look bigger... yes i KNOW that i have a small torso and that's putt all of this baby out in front for the world to see... but I.NOT.HUGE!!! This is the typical comment i get now "Wow you look great but your belly is HUGE"... strangers, friends, family... tact doesn't stop anyone anymore! I actually had a co-worker come up behind me on my way to the office and ask if i felt heavy because my because my belly is so big... WHAT!?!?! Are you freaking Kidding ME!?!?! In what world is THAT okay?

That's it i'm going to eat the next person that makes a comment!

On the upside, got my Glucose test results back and I PASSED! YEA! With flying colors i might add! Sweet!

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