Sunday, December 12, 2010

12 months, wow that was fast!

WOAH! I know you blinked and month just FLEW by and here are the 12 month sticker shots... never, judge me... so i changed the bow and sticker and it's the same day. Enjoy the pictures and quit complaining!

Here is Kinsley doing what she does best... eating everything she gets in her hands.
Playing with the ever present babydoll... and a FANTASTIC shot of the most awesome birthday bow EVER, made by the one and only Princess Couture Designs (link on the left).
Bow change... why not. "Mom, this is not a PCD bow! I can't wear it!"

"I'm going to pull this out as soon as you turn around so just turn already"

"There you go, take this trash and get me my PCD bow ASAP!"

** the reviews of the products are my own sad sense of humor and were not (for obvious reasons) purchased by anyone... Kinsley simple just prefers to wear Princess Couture Design bows... the kid has good taste***

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