Thursday, December 23, 2010

God is so amazing.

So we've always heard that God has a time for everything and we don't always understand what he does and why but, we're to trust it's for the better. That's Really REALLY hard to do sometimes but this Christmas season I've been reminded why it's SO important to trust that he REALLY DOES know what's best for us and that everything will happen, just in HIS time, not necessarily ours.

See i have two friends that are best friends. They wanted to get pregnant at the same time so their kids could grow up together. They both went off the pill at the same time and started "trying" to get pregnant at the same time. Well, as you might have guessed, one got pregnant and the other one didn't. Everyone was optimistic, because these things take time and Friend B (we'll call her) will get pregnant eventually. Well Friend A gave birth to a beautiful baby, while Friend B was still not having any success. Friend B finally went in for fertility treatments, IVF, the whole shebang. Nothing.

Friend A's baby was getting close to two so they thought a sibling was due, so off they went to make one. Got pregnant RIGHT.AWAY. Again! YEA! Friend B... still going through rounds of IVF, the babies just weren't sticking. But, then, Friend A lost her baby. No reason, just the baby stopped growing early on and she miscarried. She was sad, trying to trust in God but it was so hard to understand because she KNEW she could carry a child to full term, she has proof of that in Child 1.

So while Friend A recovered and then started to try to get pregnant again, Friend B decided they were going to start the adoption process, after 5 unsuccessful rounds of IVF. Friend A got pregnant again, Friend B waited. Friend A found out the sex, Friend B waited.

Friend A is due the last day of this year. Friend B just got a call. A mother picked her and her husband to be the parents of the baby she can't take care of!

Today Friend B is holding a baby that was born days ago, and today the mother will sign over custody of the baby to Friend B and her husband. She will bring her baby home before the end of the year. Friend A will have her baby (most likely) before the end of the year.

So you see, God had a plan... it just wasn't in our time. These two best friends will get to experience having their children grow up close in age with each other. They will get to help and support each other. They will get to live out their dream, albeit in a different way at a different point in life... but they are living it, finally, together.

So trust and believe in God, ESPECIALLY in the time of his son's birth. He has a plan for you, he may not reveal it today or tomorrow, but he DOES have a plan for you.

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