Saturday, December 11, 2010

No i REALLY did throw a baby shower!

Okay so i WAS waiting for more "professional" looking photos for ya'll to REALLY do justice to the awesomeness that i created... but i'm not sure when that will happen so you will have to make due with my sad photography skills. Maybe if you squint it'll help?

Here's part of the food table before the food arrived... Bandanas used for napkins!
Here's the totally awesome and first ever diaper cake i made! Oh and you'll notice the lables a made for food. They were blank until people got there because it was a "country potluck"
Gotta love some gifts... this table was OVERFLOWING once everyone showed up! So happy for the future Momma to be!

Sign hung in wrong place but whatever. "Chuck Wagon" sign for food. Also made a "Carter Scott" sign for Momma to be to keep.

I had cake stands and mini haybales to help the food be on different elevations for a nicer effect adn to fit more on the table!

The smaller jars were people's "thank you" gifts... Homemade cobbler!
The larger jars are cookies in a jar, used as prizes for the games. I put the instructions for finishing the cookies on the back of the large cream circle.

This is where i had the "thank you notes" for the guest to write their address on for the Momma to be so that she wouldn't have to find everyones address... the doggie bank is to help the little man get his savings started and his to keep.

A blurry shot of the kitchen (not ready yet). The Jars in the middle are for everyone to drink out of. I tied lables on the jars for the guest to write their names on so everyone would know who's drink is theirs.
Coffee and Tea station

If/When i get better pictures i'll let you know... until then... squint!

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