Tuesday, December 14, 2010


One of my favorite blogs to read is having an Anthropologie gift card giveaway... My heart is swooning. I never win giveaways but I always enter because you can't win unless you try right?

Oh to win the giveaway! It would mean i could get something like this:
 So simple and versatile!
This... so comfy yet cute!~
Omg I'm getting a hot flash from the excitement!
I just died
I could get my summer/spring wardrobe ready!
Or i could get a new apron! YEAH, THAT is an apron! Oh i can just see myself baking now!
Or how about new measuring cups!
Or wouldn't this just look Fab in the kitchen holding my dish towels, etc?
OR new door knobs on the cabinets! SWOON!
OR new bowls!
Oh my lovelies... if only i could win this one time!

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