Monday, December 20, 2010

This baby Language is something else!

So often times when we're playing with Kinsley we're constantly asking her to say "Mamma" or "Dada". Sometimes when she's signing she'll say "All done". and randomly she'll say Up. But that's pretty much the extent of her vocabulary. It's those random times that crack me up. The times where she says something that is so utterly appropriate for the situation, yet we just KNOW it was a miracle of jumbled baby gab coming together to make it SOUND like she was really saying something.

Like last night. She had finished eating her dinner and had signed "All Done" and "thank you" (because we always say thank you for our food once we're done eating) and something fell or something happened to make Cowboy ask a question along the lines of "what was that" and i swear ya'll it sounded just like Kinsley said "I did it"! Cowboy and I died in a fit of giggles. These moments happen all the time and NEVER when we prompt them.

Kinsley is 1 year and 16 days old and floors us with her moments every day.

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