Tuesday, December 7, 2010

700 and she is ONE!

I'll have more images later (and don't let the tools fool you, it was really nice)... but ya'll... Kinsley is one. It's only fitting here on my 700th post that it happens to also be the post about her being a toddler and no longer a baby.

Kinsley's birthday extravaganza weekend was amazing. We were surrounded by so many awesome friends and family members (which was great since one family member decided they just didn't want to be there). Kinsley is BEYOND loved to say the least.

Here's a run down of what this One Year Old is up to.
-She says "Hello" and "Hi" on her telephones
-She is walking and sometimes running
-She says Mama and Dada
-Has 3 bottles a day of half breastmilk and half whole milk then will also have sippy cups of whole milk too.
-Obsessed with baby dolls, taking care of them, holding them, sleeping with them....
-Says "All done" and signs it
-Blows kisses and signs "thank You"... sometimes we're not sure which one she's doing
-Has 7 teeth... haven't been able to look for more lately... she's VERY protective of people digging in her mouth
-will often sleep from around 630-515... but sometimes needs a cuddle in between.
-LOVES pizza, hot dogs, french fries, and anything sweet
-LOVES her daycare and Little Gym
- Wears size 12-18m clothes and size 4 diapers.

My baby is becoming a big girl... and as happy as i am to see her grow and change, i miss my little baby.

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  1. Happy birthday Kinsley! She is such a big girl! I can't wait to see the party pictures.