Friday, December 10, 2010

OMG Ya'll

I don't even know where to begin because i'm sure i'm on ya'lls sh#t list for lack of blogging AND lack of photos! But finally they are here! See i lost my camera cord and mind for a while. But the cord was found and the mind... well it's sort of functioning again.
Kinsley had her party, then her shots, and is now sick... but here's her when she wasn't sick... BACK IN NOVEMBER! I know... these photos are so terribly old! But they are so cute not to share and i figure over the next few days i'll catch you all up!
This is my little girl the morning of her Thanksgiving party at her school! OMG i can't stand the cuteness of the fuggs (fake uggs) and the dress... Dang my girl is cute!... oh yeah in this photo she's playing her favorite game "slam the door back and forth since it's baby proofed and i can't open it". SO much fun. She loves her casual over the shoulder shots.
Here's good shot of her boo boo... Big ole boo boo on her face.... first of many to come~

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