Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dear Kinsley

Dear Kinsley,
You're now a toddler, but you will ALWAYS be my baby. Just like i'm still your Papa's baby, you will always be my baby. You're growing and learning so much every day. It's exciting to see you understand something or learn something new. I love encouraging you and teaching you, but i'm sad at the same time because i know you're growing and learning so that one day you can make it on your own. But remember baby girl, even when you're "on your own", Momma will always be here.
You're doing a lot of talking lately. I don't understand, well, all of it... but I LOVE listening to you try to explain what you're thinking about. Momma will always be here to listen to you so please don't ever stop talking to me. Together we can get through anything. I know there will be times in your life where you'll be sad or you'll get hurt, but just know you can come to Momma and we'll talk it through together. I'll cry with you, I'll laugh with you, I'll just hold you. Whatever you need, Momma is here.
You also bring SO MUCH JOY to everyone you meet. Not just your Momma and Daddy. We'll be at the grocery store and you'll giggle and wave at our deli man and just make his day. You're so friendly and happy that Daddy and i just beam with pride whenever we're anywhere with you.
Lately you've been going through a Mommy stage, where when i'm around you only want me. Honestly, it makes me feel amazing! I try not to let you get away with it because i know in my head that you need to be comfortable with other people besides me, but Oh how my heart smiles when i do give in and you cuddle close because you're so content in my arms. You are the reason why God will look down and me and say "Well done child"... because you are the best thing I've done. You ARE my greatest accomplishment in life. YOU are my proudest moment.
I love you baby girl, and even when you're yelling at me that you'll do it yourself, or that i'll never understand, I'll remember today and how you needed ME, only me. Then I'll smile and let you do it yourself but i'll stand close by so if you decide you DO need me, i'll be there.

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