Monday, December 13, 2010

Terracotta Poo

So if you're a Mom (or Dad) you see a progression of your childs poo as they get older. You'll never forget certain milestones either. Like the first blowout, the first solid poo, the constipated poo, the poo seeds, the corn poo and the Terracotta poo. Wait, the terra-whata poo??? Yep the Terracotta poo. The day after Kinsley turned One she had a HORRENDOUS poo diaper. When i opened that bad boy up, screamed at the hubs that i couldn't breathe and then regained my composure, I say a big mushy pile of terracotta poo. I just thought WOW, we need to work on her diet. Days for junk has not done her poo good. I cleaned her up and by the end of the day her poo was starting to look normal again. Eh, fluke.

That is until the next day when MY poo did the same thing. And that's when i realized. Red icing gives you Terracotta Poo! Kinsley's birthday cake was a RED Elmo head. I ate a cupcake the next day that was red.

So yeah, ever want to freak out your spouse? Feed your kid red food coloring and then let nature take its course and make them change the poo diaper the next day!

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