Thursday, December 16, 2010

Damn Daycare!

So Santa visited my daughters daycare yesterday. I knew ahead of time that i needed to be there at 415 to witness this. They said he would be there at 430 but arrive at 415. Check, got it. I left work 30 minutes early and WHAM wrecks everywhere, you would have thought it was snowing or raining... THEN at least i would have known to leave even earlier. But no, nothing to predict this surge of completely incapable drivers so early in the rush hour. So after it took me 15 minutes to go TWO EXITS i called the daycare, for my sake and the sake of any other parents in the same predicament.

Me: "Hi, it's Breedwoman (name changed to protect the innocent, i have no idea why), OMG Traffic is TERRIBLE, is there any way to delay Santa."

Twit that answered the phone/runs the place/ruined my day: "Well i already got the call that he'll be here in about 25 minutes" (for the record that would put him getting there at 4:10... yea so 5 minutes early and 20 minutes before the "sit down").

Me: Oh no, I'm trying my best to get there! And I'm sure some other parents are too!

Hussy (OKay she's very nice, to my face... but OMG!): Well we'll walk him around and see what we can do.

Me: OKay! I'm trying to get there! I'm coming!

So i may or may not have broken numerous traffic laws by driving in the HOV lane with only me in the car and speeding my tail off, I refuse to say if i did these things. I got there at 4:19, jog into the daycare and they tell me the "news"
"OH NO! you JUST missed Kinsley!"!?!? I JUST missed her? Oh and i did, JUST miss it. They had Kinsley's class go first since they are the youngest. The next age group was just going. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE! I CALLED YOU!!! You couldn't just let her wait?!?!? She wouldn't care if she didn't go at the same time as all of her classmates, she's ONE! You KNEW i was coming! You KNEW i wanted to see it! I wanted to witness the first time she freaked out seeing this huge Fat man in a red suit and fake beard for the first time!

So yeah, I'm PISSED off at her daycare. The daycare i do so much for. The daycare i buy donuts for, purchase books for, bring in gifts/meals/other stuff ON TOP of paying a freaking mortgage payment to! Yeah they just put a big ole BA HUMBUG up my ass!

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