Wednesday, December 15, 2010

We're international!

hey Ya'll, i have readers in OTHER COUNTRIES! For reals... i mean it could have been an accidental page load but WHOO WHOO! That's 4 accidental page loads from TWO European countries! So if you ARE, in fact, my international reader, HI! Thanks! Welcome! Have a glass of sweet tea and a piece of apple pie!

Speaking of international... i am NEVER not reminded of that fact that I'm a Southern Woman living in the north! I mean my last post alone is proof of that. Eyeliner, during the daytime, AT WORK! Unheard of you daytime, street walking, hussy! Yes it's true, unless you're throwing it on like a regular Marilyn Manson fan, it really just isn't done here so much.

Further proof? I feel the need to apologize when i don't make something from scratch (i have used a store bought pie crust, you ever tell anyone that fact i will deny it to my last breath) for a holiday party, yet everyone else will show up with their item still in the grocery store bag (Imagine, they don't even try to put it in their own Tupperware container to try to pretend that they made it)! One example of the south at its best... my good friend and neighbor (also from the south) brought cole slaw to my daughters birthday party and I know for a fact it was from Harris Teeter because I asked her to get it... yep, brought it to my house in a glass bowl... honey, they do not sell slaw in glass bowls! LOVE IT!

Lastly, when i was in the dollar store yesterday there was a Mom with two infants, one in a car seat, one strapped to her screaming for release. She had both babies and no less then 3 bags to carry... and I was the only one to offer to help her! After she sized up that i wasn't a baby snatcher she politely declined... while everyone else tried to ignore the fact that she was even there... AMAZING.


  1. Yes, you are international! I subscribed to your feed a while ago. I'm an Aussie, and the land down under likes to hear from you.
    ^ w ^

    bonita of Depict This!

  2. P.S ~ I would have accepted your offer of help gladly! Nothin' like a little friendliness all 'round.