Monday, December 20, 2010

the cleaning lady...

Is apparently ME?!?! I know, who knew right? Yeah so I'm supposed to be the cleaning lady, in addition to the Mom, the contract specialist, the daycare dropper and picker upper, the wife, the dog carer, the laundry lady, the best friend, the good neighbor, oh and the cook.

I love EVERYTHING i do... individually. But it's flipping hard to do it ALL, ALL of the time. And i hate it that i can't and so often times i give up before i can even start. That and i drown my miseries in buying things for anyone and everyone. I think i feel if i buy this for this moment or place then all the other things i'm NOT doing will be camouflaged some how. hmmm

So here's my typical day:
-530ish (sometimes earlier, sometimes later) get up and get ready... oh and Kinsley is bound to wake up then for her bottle, so throw that in the mix. Get HER ready. Get my coffee made, our meals for the day into their designated lunch boxes, give the dogs a treat and out the door hopefully no later then 625.
- 630 drop of K at school drive to work and hopefully arrive before 730.
-730 to 4 work and use my lunch hour to go to the gym downstairs.
-4 leave work and pick up k at daycare somewhere between 445 and 5.
-somewhere between 5 and 515 get home to dogs jumping on me, Kinsley clinging to me, my arms full of bags... blah blah blah.
-so now i try to keep Kinsley happy, try to maybe play with her, feed the dogs, take them out, switch the laundry, get dinner ready no later then 6 and pick up what i can.
-6ish is dinner time. After dinner (often Chris isn't home) so then i take K upstairs and do the bath, bottle, book, bed routine... all this ends somewhere around 645-715, depending on 103984 factors.

TYPICALLY by 7 I'm sort of free, maybe to do something. So on my "to do" list.

-clean up the kitchen
-make coffee for the next day
-make sure there's laundry that's clean, even if it's not folded and put away
-pick up
-get the mail
-check some email
-MAYBE watch a show on the DVR since i'm running on fumes by this point.
-give the hubs some marital privileges.
-shower/bathe and go to bed.

I LIKE to be in bed by 9, normally won't happen until 10... and reading a chapter or two from a book would be nice too.

here's what else i would like to do
-clean my floors
-have everything put away
-fold and put away laundry
-actually follow through with marital privileges
-love the dogs (rather then despise the fact that they are in my house causing me more work)
-take said despised dogs on a walk so they are happier

Do you see where this is going? I know part of my problem is that i am NOT organized. I try to be, i know how to get there (briefly) but once i walk in that door and i have a clingy/crying baby, two dogs barking and jumping on me to feed them and let them out, A dinner screaming to be cooked, and heels begging to be released from my feet... it's all i can do to just get that done. I really just don't know where to put everything, how to organize it so that it stays that way. I mean what do i get rid of? I'm not a pack rat, i don't like keeping things just to keep it. But there's stuff EVERYWHERE! And please don't recommend flylady to me... she's crap... i don't care about polishing my kitchen sink, i just want to see it and know that it's not clogged.

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