Monday, June 1, 2009

Virginia Tech!

So we went to Virginia Tech this weekend to hang out with Chris's brother and his girlfriend (who i will now call my sister in law, even though she's not yet, she might as well be!)! It was a blast. I'll take you through the journey with a few pictures.

So to start: I am on my way home so i ask dear husband "should i bring dinner home or will we grab it on the road?" he replies "I'm not really hungry RIGHT now so lets get it on the road".. okay i say and munch on chips when i get home. So then we leave at about 5 and we drive... and drive... and drive. FINALLY at like 6 i'm asking him when can a pregnant lady get something to eat?!?!? Oh SOON he says, sure. So for the next hour i constantly remind him that i'm STARVING and that Babylove is technically a parasite in me and will feed off of ME, as in my body, if i don't provide nourishment! So around 7 he makes the WISE decision to stop for dinner at the Cracker Barrel, where Babylove and i munch happily on French Toast, Sausage, and Hot Chocolate! Yummm!

We arrive in Techy town around 11, where i go to bed around 12.

Saturday: Well my SIL (sister-in-law) and i enjoy a morning of manicures, pedicures, shopping while the boys Golf! YEA! We meet back up for hotdogs and a brief nap before we grab the dogs and head to ......

wait for it.....

wait for it.....

The lodge where DIRTY DANCING was filmed!!! I KNOW!!!! Only THE BEST 80s movie EVER!!!


Yes i'm aware of how cool this moment is, Chris on the other hang DOES NOT! (do you see my Babylove pudge, above him i'm really quite small, short doesn't show it, anyway)... so then we wander over to THE gazebo where they took a Cha Cha class


Sadly the grassy area behind the gazebo is SUPPOSED to be a lake but it's WAY WAY low.

Then we wandered towards the hut where Baby's family stayed... oooh time to sneak out to see Johnny!


Haha so cool! Now this WHOLE time it was my mission in life to find the staircase that Baby stood at the bottom on a little bridge and striked a pose after a dancing lesson with Johnny, it's the pic on the left:

Well we never found it so i borrowed this "bridge", this is what Baby would have looked like if she were 12 1/2 weeks pregnant in the movie!


I'll admit, i left something to be desired but i think it's b/c i was so disappointed it wasn't THE spot (update on THE SPOT, yeah it's WAS in NC but fans tore apart the bridge she was on, but the stairs are still there).

So after our little trip down memory lane Dan took us to a REALLY amazing overlook. Now before you see it let me describe the hike to it... while it wasn't a long hike you would have thought i was trying to get to the top of whatever mountain it is that people climb at the North Pole... i was SO out of breath... i mean i won't even mention that we were in the mountains and the air is thin (oh i guess i just did) but also pregnancy takes your breath away, literally! But when we got there it was all good!



now the two that made all of this possible


I mean seriously aren't they cute? They should REALLY think about marriage! I mean Babylove could be the ring Bearer or Flower girl!

The site was amazing! So beautiful! Then we went home, showered, and went to eat more food then we thought possible. After dinner we enjoyed a game of Apples to Apples (very fun) while everyone got half drunk (except me, i had sparkling cider!) the puh's were POOPED though from the hike!


she always gets a "bloody" eyelid when she sleeps, i do not know why....


Stella, the Queen, normally she get bothered by people moving too much or being crowded, not tonight, she slept right through it all!

and then we went to bed.

On Sunday i took a poop! Yes i'm telling you about this b/c i was magical. I ate breakfast and it was as if God was smiling down on me because i though hmmm i think this MIGHT be more then a fart and IT WAS! This was a LONG over due poop!

After my wonderful poop and a shower, we went out on the town where Dan bought Babylove a Hoakie Onesie! So Cute... then we had lunch and went on our way.

On our way home i HAD TO HAVE ice cream, and since this was my first request at a stop the whole trip Chris indulged me!

Over all a very fun trip!

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