Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Attention, we have a uterus!

Yes yes i KNOW we've OBVIOUSLY had this wonderful invention for quite some time but last night Chris and i FELT my uterus! Oh yea, it can be done! I was reading one of my updates on being 14 weeks pregnant and one said that you uterus is moving from the center of your pelvis to the front where there's more room to grow and if you press then you'll feel it right below my hip bone. I tried, determined this piece of information was false. THEN yesterday while i was helping pick up the kitchen i was getting a stretching pain (oh yea they aren't going to go away any time soon) and i started rubbing (b/c this makes me feel better) and i felt a bump... FREEZE what was THAT?!?!? So i rub some more and it's there! My Uterus is THERE! So i make Chris feel (so i don't think i'm loosing my mind) and i ask, "do you feel a bump? press hard" and he replies YES! I told him "That's where your baby is! That's my uterus" and what does my comedian of a husband say? "Buddy's going to be pissed at you for bothering him so much!" lol... what a cute man!

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