Friday, June 12, 2009

My nose... is it... WIDER?

okay so i MIGHT be paranoid but work with me here... i've read in a lot of pregnancy books that your nose can get wider during pregnancy (not to mention your feet bigger, and if that happens i'm sawing off my toes b/c I LOVE my shoes and i will kill someone if i can't wear them any more... moving on). So i've always had a very thin, very pointy nose. Very European. Well this morning i spent quite a few minutes (no i won't tell you how long) examining my nose. I really believe the tip is rounder. I think this is the beginning! I mean FIRST my boobs have to grow to a proportion that makes porn stars jealous, then my butt is trying to keep up for proportions sake, soon my belly will be out of control so NOW my nose feels left out? REALLY?!?!?

All i have to say is if things don't do back to normal or if they head south after we're done having children... Chris better save some of those kids college money for my plastic surgery! HAHA i can just see it now "Yes honey i know you want to go to college, but take out a loan... mommy needs the money to fix what you did to her!"

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