Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hi My name is Erin. And i'm a registry snob.

Yes it's true, and you will be too one day. When you get pregnant you will spend hours (sad but true too) researching baby items. Which one has the best reviews, which is best for my dollar, should i spend more or is less just as good, etc etc etc. You will look for reviews on-line, you will buy a book that all previous mothers swear by as the bible of baby goods Baby Bargains. This is quite the informative book, telling the basics of items, if they are really needed and then grading the different brands available... so then you go to your store of choice feeling like an old shoe at this rather then that hot new pair of red stilettos that you just bought that SCREAM "yeah i don't belong here". Yes you and your flip flop self make you way down the isle convinced that you WILL get your child the BEST and SAFEST items that money can buy and then.... then.... well lets be serious here people, it really all comes down to looks doesn't it?? I mean WHO CARES if that loud neon green bouncer is the number one baby product in America, do you know what that would do to my decorating scheme in living room???? I mean HELLO! Plus it might clash with my baby's complexion. NOT ACCEPTABLE! This child needs all the help it can get considering he'll come out looking like a wrinkled old man!

So now you have the registry of all registries. You have the best of both worlds, looks and quality! Sweet! Your hours and days have been well spent! Then you look at another pregnant ladies registry and you start hearing that music telling you that something is terribly wrong.. OBVIOUSLY someone has taken over this poor pregnant ladies registry for her, SURELY she didn't pick out a Winnie the Pooh Swing! Doesn't she know that is the most OBVIOUS baby item screaming I'M A NEW PARENT AND I DON'T LOVE MY CHILD, and i don't want them to have a sense of style! HELLO! And THIS is where my registry snobbishness begins. Yes it true, i hate pooh... i mean oh i like him on TV and a stuffed animal here or there... but THAT is where it ENDS. I have other dislikes too. I'm even VERY picky about my high chair. And you know what, you will be too! You will think that if people didn't pick the same items as you then aliens must have taken over their brain, because what else could the reason be? Obviously you have the BEST taste AND You did your research... who care if the other person is a second time mother and has experience.... they have NOTHING on ME!

And after all this went through my brain i had to stop myself and unwind the crazy pregnant lady in me and admit, the pooh swing is very cute, it still may not make it's way to my registry but then again... I LOVE being an original!

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