Monday, June 29, 2009

I'll admit it i caved

See i can admit when you were right and i was wrong. SO many of my mommy friends told me they bought maternity Swimsuits. Particularly the tankini kind. I responded, GREAT GOOD for YOU! I WILL be wearing my old bikini's and flaunting my lovely belly! yea....

See i know ALL pregnant woman are different and i was hoping that I was different from them... i'm not... i'm the same... but i won't name names since most women i don't think want to admit that they themselves have the same issues that i have. It's like this...

I've always been a curvy girl... even when i was stick thin i was still pretty curvy. I like my curves, i feel feminine. And they didn't look half bad in a swimsuit, even this time last year (see below)

I mean maybe i won't be on the cover of a magazine but it's not too bad! ANYWAY

So i thought yea, i'll have firmer breast and a nice round tummy (so i won't even have to suck in my gut b/c my gut is considered cute now)! This is PERFECT! riiight...

no one told me that when you get pregnant your boobs not only grow they get this crazy life of their own where they like to look like implants gone wrong, they are huge, crazy firm, yet still droopy. So when i put on one of my old bikini tops i'm falling out where ever they can find an opening... it's like the sinking of the Titanic here... THE BOOBS ARE GOING DOWN!!! QUICK SAVE YOURSELVES!

Right so buy a bigger top right??? Ha lets move to the southern hemisphere

Those cute little bottoms that cut so nicely on your previous bottom (b/c OBVIOUSLY we're talking about two separate ones here) are now acting like the Great Wall of China, where it's creating a country where you might not want one... so now instead of two countries on my butt i have four. Cute? No!

So buy a bigger bottom right?

So now you're moving up in size on the bottom and the top... and now that you think you have wrangled all the cattle into it's appropriate pins you have to look between them... at what is left. What is left you ask? A cute bump right???

I'LL TELL YOU WHAT IS LEFT, a bump that's BUMPY and a back tire that is made up of all that mac and cheese this child insisted that i eat in that first trimester! That's what's left.... oh and all that cheese that was with the noodles and on the cheese burgers is now squarely on my thighs! UH HUH! I'm telling you i WILL get revenge on this child one day!

SO after quite a bit of searching for the PERFECT bikini that would magically make me look like a pregnant goddess, i bought this....

Ha you didn't think you would see a photo of ME did you???

It's a two piece but it covers me... and you know what? I feel REALLY pretty in it. Very stylish! It has completely boosted my confidence in flocking to the beach (which is good since i'll be there in less then 3 weeks). So baby and i in all our ruffly glory will be there in my MATERNITY Swimsuit~

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