Thursday, June 4, 2009

YEA! and What?

So yesterday i found out that my mom has bought Babylove a gift... our


YEA! Now baby love will be rocked to sleep in style and one day i'll get to read to the little booger in it! How freaking awesome! The room is coming together! Okay THE ROOM isn't, it's just getting filled to the brim with stuff that the baby needs, VERY COOL, but the ROOM is still just a make shift guest room, NOTHING has been done on it... anyway. YEA GLIDER!

Now lets talk about pregnancy brain... i BELIEVE i've mentioned it before but i really don't remember so i'm mentioning it again. You forget EVERYTHING! THIS story starts yesterday, around 2pm. My brain just shut down. BAM, DONE, NOTHING! I mean work has been crazier then normal but yeah it was almost like i could barely function. My boss and others were just greeted with blank stares from me! lol. So i go home and veg and try to forget the day. Wake up this morning, straightening my hair and i start freaking out.

We have a review coming up, basically decides if we keep getting money, so KIND OF IMPORTANT, and i need to put up some flyers, directions, etc for this... not hard right? Yea well you aren't pregnant!! My boss says put it up when you get in... right so when i get in tomorrow right? well i don't know the review isn't until Monday, so... UH! Guess i'll ask tomorrow and if i'm late i'll run around like lunatic on Christmas eve (Man i could REALLY use a latte right now!)... alright so that's solved... time to go to work

get in the car, CRAP need gas... no biggie... drive to the gas station, go to get my CC and i have NO wallet... i just KNOW it's at work in my cabinet... UH! ok, it's ok, i THINK i can make it if i drive slow. WAIT, SWEET! I have a CC on my key chain! I TOTALLY FORGOT! YES i'm saved! Pull into the next gas station (that is more expensive and punishing me with yet an even higher price b/c i'm going to pay with CC and not cash, crap) so i'm wait for the attendant to "authorize my purchase" so i can pump... la de da... la de da... What the @#$@ is taking this joker so long, doesn't he know SOME of us still have to get to work??? And then it hits me like a bird on a clean window... Chris and i have CANCELED this CC! Uh yeah, if i pump my gas and go inside and try to pay with my little mini card it will be declined. So i pull the pump out of my car, shoot the gas station attendant a dirty look so he thinks i'm leaving b/c of him and not because i won't have any money to pay him and go on my way.

So i turn off everything in my car that requires gas and go on my way SLOWLY to work. I make it, my light is on... my wallet is HERE... lets hope i can get to a gas station when i leave before my car stalls! YIKES!

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