Thursday, June 25, 2009

GAH! This kid is SOOO my kid

Stubborn! VERY stubborn! Kept those little legs crossed nice and tight! We had one brief opening where the tech said she thinks GIRL!!! But lets just say i'm not going to start painting the room yet! I did however buy this super cute dress!


Hey i couldn't help myself! I did save the receipt though, just in case!

So without further ado let me introduce our little one again, seen here at 16wks 1 day

First pic is the top of the head... the second one is the face from a top angle... i know it's like those pictures where you had to stare at until you were cross eyed and THEN you might see what you're supposed to.... just take my word for it~

This one is a little easier. Top is the profile (she gave us a kinda crapy one but whateve) and the spine. The second one is the head at the top and body at the bottom with an arm! Yes my child has ARMS!

Overall the experience was great. When the tech tried to see the sex we saw VERY distinct legs crossed indian style! lol! At one point there was an opening and i was looking but then BAM legs crossed! No matter how much the tech beat on my belly this kid would NOT move those legs again! UH! oh well.

The GOOD news is that baby is VERY healthy! and is measuring a day ahead (my little over achiever!)! So we feel very blessed!

Just for reference though i will be referring to baby as a She from now on... if on July 14 we learn differently then i will change it to a He. IF we find out we were right with the She THEN she will be named!

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