Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Please pray for Babylove and me

So when i was 12 weeks along we went and had the Downs testing done, mainly so i could get an extra ultrasound! Well i got my results today and while almost all of them are great, average, normal, one wasn't. I have Low hormone levels. But here's the kicker, they don't know what that means!

Yeah nurse/counselor calls me to say "You have low hormone levels, but we really don't know what that means" ARE YOU KIDDING ME!

So in my head i'm reaching through the phone and choking her and screaming "Well find out before you call me next time you stupid (@*$)@#)@~~~!@@@@!!!" and that's where i'll cut you out of my head so you aren't an accessory to my crimes.

So here's the game plan. Next week i was due for routine bloodwork anyway so i'll get that done and extra screening. Then she wants me to have a sonogram every month for the rest of pregnancy.

So OBVIOUSLY i'm nervous BUT while TRYING (desperately trying) to cling to something good here, i found 3 silver linings.

1. We'll get to see Babylove every month!
2. We MIGHT find out next week the sex of the baby!
3. IF there ends up being anything wrong now or later, since i'm going to be closely monitored they be able to catch it sooner!

So even though i try to joke some and smile, i'm still freaking out a bit, so please pray that Babylove IS fine and continues to be fine and please pray that my nerves don't get the best of me.

Thanks Guys!

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