Monday, June 15, 2009

interesting weekend!

So we had a very interesting week. It was all very normal until we decided we were going to save money by putting a new thermostat up so that we could program it to save us money! Great idea right?? Yeah not for us. This promptly broke our heat pump... now NO i'm not so nieave to think this is what really sent our heat pump to the grave, it already had one foot in it.. i mean it's ONLY over 20 years old... whatever!

So we replace the OLD thermostat hoping our old heat pump just likes to feel a little retro... no luck. So Chris's Dad comes over the next day and they are playing around with it when BAM! it works! I rush off to buy lunch for everyone just thrilled with our luck, when i return... JUST KIDDING you silly HOT pregnant lady, it wasn't fixed at all. Looks like we're looking to get a new one, uh! Pregnant + no a/c does NOT = a happy Erin!

While all this was going on in our world i'm upstairs doing SOMETHING when i hear Chris yell "Erin get Sadie, she has something in her mouth"... at this moment Sadie is running up the stairs, so i yell SADIE, she runs so i can see her through the bars on our second floor and i'm looking at her, there's nothing in her mouth, what was he talking about?? Then out of the corner of my eye i see IT! brace yourself....

A dead baby bunny!!!!! AHHHHHH! Yes this is the same baby bunny that Stella has been eying for weeks! Taking a closer (you know 5 ft instead of 10) look at it i notice my dogs did not kill it, it was already dead (GREAT!) so they just like carrying around dead animals... i mean Sadie IS a lab, guess it's in her blood.... well do you know what else is in her blood (life, whatever) a toothbrush... oh yea, she's promptly got her teeth brushed (with doggie toothpaste) which to her is the equivalent of soap in the mouth to us. But you KNOW i wasn't going to have her getting in my face and trying to kiss me with bunny guts in her tounge!

Then do you know what my husband had the nerve to try???? He tried to get me to pick it up and throw it away.... HA as IF!!!! I told him suck it up and be a man and get it himself... and he did, laughing at me the whole time, but i had the last laugh b/c my MAN picked it up in my PINK dish gloves!


Oh Sadie what are we going to do with you?

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