Monday, June 8, 2009

Yea for LOTS of randomness!

Okay, lets start with the glider! IT'S A DREAM! YEA! I love it! It's so comfy and nice! Chris loves it too! I'm so glad we went with that rather then i cheapy model since my butt will be planted in it for YEARS to come! Thanks mom!!!

Pilate's for Pregnant women... Yep i have a DVD and FINALLY started it this weekend... i did not, however, finish it. Mainly because i felt like it was trying to unscrew my legs from my hips. I didn't even know they were "screwed" in but apparently they are b/c they are not feeling right anymore. I hate to stop the DVD halfway through the hip/lower body section because i wouldn't take anymore! I mean this woman is on crack (or is wearing a fake belly) to see her doing some of the stuff. SHe wants me to reach past my toes! WHAT! OKay so i know i need to work on my flexibility but  don't i get some leeway because i'm pregnant? NO, she's WAY more pregnant then me and make it look like there must be a secret hole in the floor or she's pancaking her child! Whatever! THEN i almost has to cancel going to church for Praise team on Sunday b/c i could barely walk (since my legs were not in their joints)... instead i sucked it up and went and waddled like a 30wk pregnant woman.

So what did i learn? I MUST do this video more (sick i know)... i mean OBVIOUSLY it must be me and my cottage cheese that is making it so hard.. i'll give it a week!

here's a fun tidbit, playing flip cup with O'douls or water is still JUST AS FUN! We had a block party in our court on Saturday and a bunch of the youngins (don't you love it when you're not the youngest anymore?) wanted to play so i stepped right up to show them how it's played and my water and i KICKED BOOTAY! Oh yeah, be jealous! EVERYONE wanted the pregnant woman on their team! SWEET!

and my final thought for the day... a super stressed, super anal, super whatever boss + a pregnant woman who is carrying the weight of the office on her shoulders not to mention a few hormones = tears tears and tears

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