Thursday, June 11, 2009


Okay so growing up my Dad always called me TB (Tiny Bladder), especially on road trips. If i wasn't sleeping, i needed to pee! Well lets just say that has gotten worse during pregnancy.

For all of you ladies out there who have never been pregnant and do know fully know what i'm talking about get ready. I KNOW everyone has heard that when you're pregnant you have to pee all the time... well let me explain this further.

You will wake up in the middle of the night AT LEAST 2-30 times to pee. When you lay down after just going to restroom within 5-10 minutes you WILL need to go again, AND it will be a lot, like you never went to begin with. FUN! REALLY helps with that fatigue that you're constantly feeling.... SUPER!

Now lets talk about the phantom pee. The pee that you REALLY feel you need to take and when you do all you get is a trickle... uh huh, THAT one. My example comes from this morning. I'm driving to work, drinking my OJ... get off on my exit and realize i HAVE TO PEE! It's cool i'm almost at work. I scurry in not caring that my maternity pants are falling and my hair is slowly becoming a best of the 80s show, i HAVE TO PEE. I RUN to my office, drop off my stuff, RUN to the restroom... and .... and.... yeah barely enough to fill a cup at the doctors office, IF that much! Oh and here's the best part. After i make my way BACK to my desk i sit down THEN i feel i need pee AGAIN... feels like an EMERGENCY AGAIN! So i've decided that this kid MUST be sitting his whole little lemon self on my bladder and is just laughing. You know he's in there kicking it down and then when i go to pee he lets up... then i'm back at my desk and WHAM "oops sorry mom".

So here's what i suggest to all you ladies out there... invest in diapers FOR YOURSELF! I mean think of how GREAT this would be... you won't have to get up at night anymore, you can test run your pee and see if it's the real thing or a stupid baby joke, AND if you have left overs after the birth... Perfect for that random drunk night where you have a chance of peeing on yourself! Everyone is COVERED!

Personally i think it's a GREAT idea!

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