Thursday, June 18, 2009

We have lift off!!!

So i TOTALLY think i felt the baby move this morning for the first time! So QUICK what's the date??? the 18th? Writing it in the baby book tonight! So this is how it goes down...

I'm driving to work... traffic is HORRIBLE to we're really just sitting there hanging out for most of it, when all of a sudden i feel this fluttery popcorn on my left lower side. Now i KNOW it's hard to tell the difference between baby's first kicks and gas BUT i like to think i have an advantage here. You know since i'm a child of IBS and know my gas like a close and personal friend (especially lately since pregnancy has been SOOOO kind to bowels).

So i really really think it was baby! I've eaten so it's not hunger pains and every time i feel i popcorn kind of roll i don't fart afterwards! So Maybe this is baby telling me to calm down and he/she's okay in there!

wow... this is weird, cool but weird. Chris thinks this kid is trying to "break out of there"... all i have to say is he/she better NOT! Just keep swimming away!

15weeks 2 days

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